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Automatic Awl 413

Automatic Awl 413
$25.92 each

Osborne No. 413 - $23.06


An excellent tool for sewing leather, canvas and similar materials. The awl carries a spool of waxed polyester black thread on the handle. Hollow handle holds extra curved needle and wrench. Directions furnished with each awl explaining how automatic awl lock stitch can be effected in repair work. Comes with one straight (Osborne No. 413N 8) and one curved diamond point (Osborne No. 413N 6) needle.


  • Osborne No. 413N 6 Replacement Curved Needle - $4.50
  • Osborne No. 413N 8- Replacement Straight Needle. - $4.50
  • Osborne No. 413 - Automatic Awl - Weight ea (oz) 3 - UPC No. 62142
  • Osborne No. 413R 12.5 yards of waxed thread for use in the 413 auto-awl, available in white, brown and black.  - $5.90


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