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Leather Working Hammer 66

Leather Working Hammer 66
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$42.36 each


Osborne No.66

Popular with the pocket book, belt, shoe, luggage, saddlers and the small leather goods industry. Drop forged steel. Rounded, polished face to prevent marring of leather, Hicory handle.


Length of head (inches) 3 3/4
diameter of face (inches) 1 5/16
Length of handle (inches) 8 1/4
Weight ea (oz) 14
UPC No. 56125


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5 1 5
Osborne 66 Hammer
The hammer is excellent, as expected. What really impressed me about this transaction, however, was the shipping. Amazingly fast. I will definitely try to do business with Maine Thread in the future.
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Great for Leather Work
Great little hammer for tapping folds in thick leather and for flattening stitch lines. Gentle tapping doesn't mar the leather like other hammers will. And as always, Main Thread shipped it out fast!
5 1 5
High quality and very hard metal perfect for leatherwork! It doesn't dent or mar when used on button cap rivets and the domed shape doesn't mar the leather. My only recommendation is to give the head a final polish because it will transfer the grit pattern on it to the metal surface. Once polished it is perfect!

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