Harness Needles 517

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$8.50 each


Packs of 25 with six sizes to choose from. Egg eye

  • Size 000 - $10.96
  • Size 00 - $10.96
  • Size 0 - $8.50
  • Size 1 - $8.50
  • Size 2 - $8.50
  • Size 3 - $8.50
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A Stitch in Time . . .
I sell oar leather kits retail and online. I have been including these harness needles in the kits because they are ideal for tight, precise stitching. I use them myself for custom leathering and my do-it-yourself customers are uniformly pleased with them.
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5-Star, as always
I had a question. It was promptly answered. I placed the order. It was promptly filled. Great people to do business with. The little giveaways help too. lol
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Maine thread is the only place I can find #1 Osborne Harness Needles. I am only a few miles from a Tandy Leather store but their needles break to often. These don't. I may wear one out and the eye break on it but I sure get my moneys worth.
I launched my small business Dark Water Classic in August 2015. Every single item is hand stitched using the saddle stitch technique and I have been using the same needles since I started working with leather. Decent needles about 2inches long from Michaels craft store. I decided I wanted to find a needle with a little more length and smaller eyelet as I tend snap needles frequently. I ordered these 517 Harness Needles, size 0, and sweet lord its a night and day difference. I am never using any other needle but these from this point on. the extra length, just over 2.25" makes pulling through the leather so much easier and puts less strain on my fingers and hands from fighting a tiny needle through some thick leather along with thick waxed thread. Maine Thread Co's customer service was great also when I called to ask about the needles, they put me on hold so they could run and grab a pack and inspect it and talk to me about the thickness and overall length so I was 100% confident on what I wanted. Got 25 needles in the mail and I couldn't be happier. Thanks gents!

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