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 We call it waxed cord, you may call it waxed thread, and others refer to it as waxed string or waxed twine. No matter what you call it, the point is waxed cord has more uses than names. Hand sewing moccasins, saddlery, bagpipe reed construction, stringing beads, leather working, taxidermy, dream catchers, basket making, and numerous other arts and craft projects just to name a few.

We start with yarn that has been textured and dyed. In our factory, we do the rest. We create our different sizes by plying up individual strands of yarn. From there, our thread is twisted, waxed, and either cut to length, or wound on the small spools you see here. From start to finish, our team takes care in each step of the process to ensure our thread maintains the strong quality our customers have depended on for generations. 

 We currently offer our 70 yard spools in 36 colors and in 6 different sizes sizes.  The sizes range from our smallest (.020") which is about the same thickness as dental floss, to our largest (.050") which is about the same thickness as a U.S. Dime.

If you need help choosing a color, click here to see our digital color card, or for a complimentary color and size card, email and we'll send one out (cards come with 6" pieces of waxed cord in each size and color we offer).

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