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Standard Colors Package

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Our Standard Colors pack includes six of our most popular colors: black, brown, white, natural, tan and mocha. When bought as a pack, you save on price per tube. 



All photos were taken in natural light. Appearance of color may vary slightly under different light, and on different computer monitors. Color can also vary depending on the thickness of the thread. You can always email  to receive a complimentary color card just to be sure you make the right color choice.


Many crafters use harness needles when sewing with waxed cord. Harness needles have a rounded point and are often used for hand-stitched leather craft work. See above for our recommended needle and thread pairings. To order, click here.






List of the comments:
5 1 5
Excellent Product!
I have been using this cordage for quite some time now and have been very pleased with the product and the service.
5 1 5
fantastic quality, absolutely gorgeous thread. I use this for hand stitching watch straps for Panerai watches and it's a dream. Highly recommended.
5 1 5
Maine thread
I recieved my order promptly but unfortunately one item was incorrect.Called Maine thread nd spoke with a very helpful man who apoligized for any inconvience.He said he would sent the correct item in the next days deliveries.Customer service was very good.I will definately use Maine Thread again.
5 1 5
Colored thread
... received Fast - good product ...
5 1 5
great service
I use Maine Thread for all my crafts. Its a quality product and I have always been pleased with the results.
5 1 5
6 Park
This was the first time I ordered from this company and I was delighted when I received the 6 different colors I ordered. The product is durable and the colors are great! I plan to order from their many selection of colors in the future.
5 1 5
Two thumbs up
Great customer support and quick delivery. Also the thread sample guide was huge help with placing my order. I will definitely continue to do business with you! Thanks again.
5 1 5
I have been using Maine threads for all my leather work, both saddle repair and custom orders for the last few years. The quality of the product is superb and the service is excellent. I will definitely be using Maine thread as my main supplier.
5 1 5
.30 waxed thread
The waxed thread that I receive is perfect for what I need it for. It is of great quality, and the company is professional in the way they treat a customer.
5 1 5
Thank you
Thank you for the timely arrival of this amazing thread. I have already lashed together some pig husks I found while out hiking the other day - excellent quality thread.
5 1 5
standard colors pack in .035
Great stuff!!! I purchased the the 6 color pack a few weeks ago, it was delivered in 2-3 days and I got to work with it right away. Really liked the color selection, the .035 was about perfect for hand sewing and the thread is very strong yet easy to work with. If you. Thanks!
5 1 5
waxed cording
This wax cording is fabulous! I really love how tiny beads actually fit on it with ease. It has made my dreamcatcher making a breeze, it is lovely. You will order this over and over as I have. I am a very satisfied customer. And the shipping is really fast too, I can't thank you enough for this great product. Linda at Dreamcatcherman
5 1 5
Thread pack
Perfect colors and waxed cord for leatherworking!!!
5 1 5
Great product. Delivered in a timely fashion even to Hawaii. I will definitely order from then again.
5 1 5
Great product. Fast delievery even in Hawaii Will definitely order again!
5 1 5
Thread for the leather craftsperson
I am a leather craftsman and had been searching for a quality hand stitching thread in all the "usual" places. I've ordered threads from some of them, only to be disappointed with incredibly over-waxed and unduly thick threads. No more! I have found my source for quality threads with just the right amount of wax! Not only that, it comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors to match your task at hand. I'm trying to think of any cons but can't think of any. Shipping is prompt, good service.
5 1 5
Standard colors package review
I just received my first order from Maine thread Co. I picked up the standard color package and couldn't be more impressed with the purchase.

Great product and super fast shipping, I will absolutely be purchasing from them in the future.
5 1 5
Great stuff
Perfect thread pack for leatherworkers and a great price, this is my 3rd order and I will absolutely purchase again!
5 1 5
Came quick and the size is perfect! Also got a hand signed packaging slip. Love the quality and the pride Maine thread takes with their product
5 1 5
standard colors package
So far so good. Lot of thread for the money. Thanks Maine thread

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