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Black Waxed Cord

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 Black: Color No. 7416

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All photos were taken in natural light. Appearance of color may vary slightly under different light, and on different computer monitors. Color can also vary depending on the thickness of the thread. You can always email to receive a complimentary color card just to be sure you make the right color choice.


Many crafters use harness needles when sewing with waxed cord. Harness needles have a rounded point and are often used for hand-stitched leather craft work. See above for our recommended needle and thread pairings. To order, click here.








List of the comments:
5 1 5
waxed linen cord
Super fast shipping. Perfect thread to lash my baskets.
5 1 5
6 out of a possible 5
As always, I'm 100% satisfied with the product and service here. I'm not a huge customer. Not even a large one. But my order, however small, is handled with the same professionalism as I'm sure the huge orders are.
5 1 5
this company is fantastic! I get my order faster then fast, they are always correct and I love the product. Thank you so very much!!
5 1 5
waxed cord
The prices are great for such a quality product. The shipping is fast and I love this company.
5 1 5
I love Maine Thread polycord to do the Diamond Stitch on my pine needle baskets. It's adds strength to structure of the basket and a wonderful textural feel. Gail
5 1 5
No cons
This thread is absolutely splendid for hand sewing leather! A great find and I very highly recommend it!
5 1 5
waxed thread
awesome thread for my crafts!
5 1 5
Great quality cord
Really great quality and thickness, plus does not have excessive wax. Highly recommended. Also, a great company to do business with. Extremely fast shipping.
5 1 5
Very pleased
Happy to have found Maine Thread online. The waxed thread they supply is the best I've used so far. Very pleased.
5 1 5
black waxed cord
I really like the quality of our new waxed cord, much better than other supplier !
5 1 5
waxed cord
I fly RC model airplanes and have been since the mid 70s. some of the models I fly are called standoff scale. the one I needed the cord for is my Pitts for the wing and tail rigging. what came in the kit was something like a rubber string and there was not enough of it. I found Maine thread company on face book explained what I needed. I feel they went out of there way to help me. they sent me a free size and color chart and I know that thing was not cheap. I ordered my cord I had it in 3days. then when it got here they wrote thank you for my order on the packing slip. I feel they went out of there way because they knew from the start my order was small but they treated me like I was a big customer. the cord worked out very well for what I needed it for and I am sure it would work out the same way for other uses other people might have . I would give them moor stars but you can only give 5 stars
5 1 5
Wonderful service and product.
Received the order promply! Perfect. Many thanks.
5 1 5
Black waxed cord
Works well, looks nice,sturdy.
5 1 5
great product
I coil pine needle baskets and I find the Maine Thread products to be just as beautiful and strong as the waxed Irish Linen I have used in the past. The shipping rates are unbelievably low for my order!
5 1 5
big man leather
Works great with the speedy stitch on leather
5 1 5
Great Thread
Beautiful thread and great working quality. I wouldn't use anything else!! The colors are nice and vibrant and people really notice and appreciate seeing something other than plain old black or brown constantly. Great service and fast reliable shipping
5 1 5
Always a high quality and strong product perfect for leatherwork! I bought one in almost every color, so if you recognize this review, I posted it more than once.
5 1 5
Quality product
High quality product. Color is even and does not fade. Waxing is stiff but not 'GUNKY'; virtually no wax residue builds up on your hands as you work with the products. Very durable, and ages nicely with wear.

I have ordered waxed poly cord from MaineThread a number of times. The shipping is fast, and returns (I ordered the wrong size) were processed quickly and courteously.
5 1 5
Unusual use....
Read online where someone suggested this product to use as "wire" rigging on RC airplanes. I thought I would give it a try. Airplane kit came with black plastic cord and this product is vastly better looking and easier to work with. The wax helps to hold the cord together where it is tied and just a drop of super glue holds it together. Would recommend this product to others!
Perfect for what I needed! Shipped and arrived super quickly. I used it on a wedding invitation to wrap around and it was perfect. The value and quality are very high. Will definitely work with you again! Thanks.
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