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Waxed Polycord Single Roll Pricing:
.020" - $4.88
.030" - $6.42
.035" - $6.79
.040" - $7.13
.045" - $7.47
.050" - $7.85

Emerald Waxed Cord

( 5 )
$4.88 each


.020" ultra light weight polyester cord, 1 ply waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" tube.

.030" light weight polyester cord, 2 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.035" light-medium weight polyester cord, 3 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.040" medium weight polyester cord, 4 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.045" medium-heavy weight polyester cord, 5 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.050" heavy weight polyester cord, 6 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.



We call it waxed cord, you may call it waxed thread, and others refer to it as waxed string or waxed twine. This cord is ideal for many uses including: friendship bracelet string, knotting cord, beading string, lacing cord, thread for leather, necklace cord and jewelry cord. We offer 31 colors in 6 sizes, 70 yards per spool.



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5 1 5
Perfect color for my needs
Wonderful service & product!
5 1 5
Waxed cord
I was so pleased with the color of these waxed cords. I use them in my scrapbooking and card making and the colors are just perfect.
5 1 5
emerald green waxed thread
I was looking on-line to find a heavy waxed thread for whipping purposes... spiral binding used for holding something together, this time a wooden handle. I bought a used (damaged) garden hod with a steam-bent, oak dowel, handle that had split causing it to be very sharp and difficult to use. I new that I could repair it by softening the wood, in warm water, and whipping the broken handle tightly with twine, about eight inches, but I wanted something other than what I had, which was dental floss. I was pleased to find the waxed thread I needed here in Maine, and in a green like the hod's wire mesh base. I ordered late one afternoon and had twine in my hands the very next morning. Unbelievably fast service for our Down East mail. So... the emerald green heavy twine. It worked very well. I had expected it to be more waxy than it was, but it worked fine, keeping tight tension on the fractured handle. It is now several weeks later, the handle looks and functions like new.
5 1 5
Love this color!
I love dark green colors and this fit the bill perfectly!

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