Olive Braided Waxed Cord


Maine Thread braided waxed cord has exceptional strength and durability. Made of 100% polyester high-tenacity yarn, braided waxed cord is a premier choice for professional and amateur leathercrafters everywhere.

All sizes comes with 70 yards per tube.

Olive: Color No. 7064

Size Guide

Thickness (1/1,000”)

Thickness (mm)

Break Strength



32 lbs.



40 lbs.



68 lbs.


All photos were taken in natural light. Appearance of color may vary slightly under different light, and on various computer monitors. Color can also vary depending on the thickness of thread and dye lots. If you’d like to see our colors first-hand, email jennifer@mainethread.com to request a complimentary sample card.


Many crafters use harness needles when sewing with waxed cord. Harness needles have a rounded point and are often used for hand-stitching leather. We recommend the following pairings for needle and thread

.020” - Size 3

.030” - Size 1

.040” - Size 0

Bulk Ordering

Check back soon for information on ordering our braided cord by the pound.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephen Tueller
Love it!!!

I had never tried waxed cord until now and I love it. I love the way that it holds its color after sewing long pieces, unlike some threads that start losing its color. I love the way that it glides through holes and it’s very hard to catch the cord going back into the hole. Fantastic product, I’ll probably be buying every color.

Mark Roberts
Top shelf

Maine Thread has definitely become my favorite among all other saddle stitch threads. A real joy to use in every way, and always looks great.
Most threads have compromises. Some hard to thread, need of waxing, string drag during stitching, and most poly threads turning to a dirty burnt brown instead of the desired color you chose. None of these are present with Maine Thread braided poly.
I also find the braided poly doesn’t flatten as much as popular competitors braided poly.
Highly recommend!

Mark PDX
Excellent In Every Way

I have been testing different brands of linen, twist poly, and braided poly, and in different diameters w/ different sized K+S Blade Euro irons, and Maine Tread works better and looks better for me than all others.
Almost every other thread has some issue to deal with.
Maine thread is perfectly waxed right off the spool, threads easily on the appropriate sized needle.
My ideal single sized thread across a wide range of leather thickness is the 0.50mm thread, using 3.83mm and 4.5mm irons. For the 0.50mm diameter thread I easily use a John James #4 Saddlers needle.
It is also a better cost value for the amount of thread that comes on a spool.