Harness Needles 517


C.S. Osborne 517 Harness Needles

These egg-shaped eye needles are ideal for sewing and repairing sails, canvas, leather and similar materials. High quality extra heavy steel wire needles. Harness needles have a rounded tip. More often used on leather where holes are pre-made with pricking irons or punches.

Available in packs of 5 and 25.

Thread and Needle Pairing Recommendations

Thread Needle

.020" TWIST

.020" BRAID


.030" TWIST

.030" BRAID



.035" TWIST 517-1

.040" TWIST

.040" BRAID

.045" TWIST 517-00
.050" TWIST 517-000

Customer Reviews

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The needles are longer for my fat fingers and makes it easier to sew.

William Drisko
Maine Thread is the best

These people are fantastic. If you need to purchase hand stitching for leather This is your go-to spot


They do the job well and have held up for me.


I received my order from Maine Thread Co. the other day and have been busy using their products ever since. I am so happy with everything I ordered. I got an assortment of .20 waxed polycords, harness needles, an awl and the 1.0 coffee brown non-waxed polycord. The waxed polycords are beautifully vibrant, move well through the veg tan leather I work with, and definitely enhance my products. The harness needles are so strong, so superior to any needle I've used, no bending or breaking even when I reef on the waxed polycord. In addition, the needles are easy to thread and yet fit the waxed cord nice and snug, making hand sewing more of a joy. The awl is great, and a bargain for the price. I bought the non-waxed polycord to use for adjustable necklace cords, to hold soapstone pendants I shape. This cord is the best I've used for necklaces--doesn't fray even when the cord is adjusted multiple times, is strong but also pliable and looks classy, couldn't ask for better. I should mention the Maine Thread Co.'s customer service was awesome from start to finish, very helpful, friendly and professional. I'm from Canada, and even with the exchange and shipping it was so worth it to order from Maine Thread Company, I'll definitely be back!


I am so glad I ordered from this company, just got it the other day and have been busy using their fabulous products since. They offer such a wide range of good quality products. I ordered an assortment of coloured .20 waxed polycords, the coffee brown non-waxed cord, the small awl, and harness needles. The threads go through veg tan leather beautifully, and look gorgeous, definitely enhancing my leather products. The needles are amazing, so strong, and so superior to anything else I've used. Even better, the needle eye fits the thread nice and snuggly, making these needles a joy to use when hand sewing. The awl works great, and is a bargain for the price. I'm using the non-waxed cord for simple adjustable necklace cords to hold soapstone pendants I shape and mount, so it has to be strong, not fray even when the cord is adjusted, and look classy--this cord does all of these things, the best I've used for this purpose. Have to mention too that Maine Thread Company's customer service was awesome, very friendly and professional, so helpful. I'm from Canada, and even with the exchange rate this was so worth it!