Years ago we thought it would be fun to see what happens to our thread after it leaves the factory, and so began the collection of 101 Uses for Waxed Cord. The amazing uses that have been revealed to us have been astounding. From basket weaving to book binding, macrame to mocassins, and everything in between. We've had this list going for a while, but we're not done yet!

Can you help us out? What uses for waxed thread have we left off our list? Let us know by dropping us an email.

1. Stringing beads. Molly Gillis-Hibler from Turner, ME

2. Stick Art. Leslie Aisner from Newburyport, MA

3. Handsewing Moccasins. Quoddy Trail Moccasin from Perry, ME

4. Bag Pipe Reeds. Geoff Ross from Victoria, Australia

5. Leatherwork on Paddles. Shaw & Tenney Co. from Orono, ME

6. Handsewn Belts. Torino Belts from New Orleans, LA

7. Outdoor Survival Kits. Mike Rice from Marshfield, MA

8. Leather Key Chains. Fancy Stitchers, Inc. from Lewiston, ME

9. Measuring Objects. Midge Vreeland from Falmouth, ME

10. Household Decoration. Kellianne Waichunas from Clearwater, FL

11. Pocketbook Straps. Dooney & Bourke, Inc. from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

12. Outdoor Trellises. Barbara Vallee from Auburn, ME

13. Motorcycle Saddles. Peter Boyd from Algonac, MI

14. Ojo de Dios. Claire Sabine from Turner, ME

15. Friendship Bracelets. Claire Sabine from Turner, ME

16. Basket Weaving. Letitia Kendrick from Sparks, NV

17. Necklace/Pouch Weaving. Letitia Kendrick from Sparks, NV

18. Designer Earrings. Lesie Aisner from Newburyport, MA

19. Macramé. Artaffects from Orange, CA

20. Whipping rope ends. David Barnas from Glenview, IL

21. Steering wheel covers. Josh Egly from Woodlands, TX

22. Wheat weaving. Elizabeth Kiley from Bow, NH

23. Saddlery. Vigil Saddle Shop from Albuquerque, NM

24. Furniture repair. Leslie Aisner from Newburyport, MA

25. Bookbinding. Ejaz Dean from Vancouver, Canada

26. Dream Catchers. Natasha Anne from Lux Page, AZ

27. Suspended ceilings. David Maruska from Mercerville, NJ

28. Horse hair jewelry. Cynthia Boyer from Sonoma, CA

29. Taxidermy. Husky's Taxidermy from Litchfield, OH

30. Tent Repair. Matt Hunt from Oakland, ME

31. Pineneedle baskets. Jacque Johnson from Dover, DE

32. Knot Tying. Mike Vallee from Turner, ME

33. Making Rosaries. Jennifer-Angela Kunz from Forked River, NJ

34. Replica Sailing Ships. Bob Carothers from Maineville, OH

35. Decorative Guards. April Cook from S. Portland, ME

36. Custom boot making. Ed Shirley from Rock Hill, SC

37. Wrap wedding party favors. Ryan Peterson from Atlanta, GA

38. Whipping vintage hickory golf clubs. Ken Moum from Lawrence, KS

39. Seam up braided rugs. Linda Wgner from Knoxville, TN

40. Wicker dollhouse furniture. Marigold Sweetwater from Mineola, TX

41. Hand sew knife sheaths. Thearsa Neilson from Wyalusing, PA

42. Lashing rims on baskets and gourds. Nancy Griffin from Hayesville, NC

43. Repairing fabric straps on kayaks. John Ennis from Hudson, Fl

44. Flossing your teeth. Tedi Jansky from Sunbury, PA

45. Christmas ornament hangers. Carol Vander Wyst from Byron Illinois

46. Sew a lei of flowers. Betty J Nakamoto from Hawaii

47. Braiding lashes on bull whips. Betty T. Lewis from Salisbury, MD

48. Braid horse's mane. Amanda Hudson from Cypress, TX

49. Making wreaths. Brian Kononchuk from Boalsburg, PA

50. Pine needle baskets. Carol Busto from Ashland, VA

51. Dollhouse furniture. Shirley Johnson from Paris, MS

52. Watch straps. Brian Johnson from Birnamwood, WI

53. Tying slingshots. Ray Bazonski from Lawrenceville, GA

54. Braiding horse's manes. Donna O'Neil from Alberta, Canada

55. Braiding horse's manes and tails. Liz Clark from Wilton, NH

56. Bookbinding. Cheri Ucci from Miami, FL

57. Cable Lacing in Pipe Organs. Pete Haskell from South Freeport, ME

58. Scabbards. Kate Reeve from Waitsburg, WA

59. Canvas Umbrella Repair. Bill Wyatt from Plano, TX

60. Handmade greeting cards. Dawn Abbott from Floresville, TX

61. Couching in hand embroidery. Hilary Frye from Eden Prairie, MN

62. Seizings on eyes and sail repairs. Chip Reynolds from Albany, NY

63. Convertible top repair. Karen Vittorio from Vacaville, CA

64. Sweetgrass Baskets. Virginia Lowman from Hatsfield, GA

65. Wooden Flute Tenon Wrap. Jon Cornia from Escondido, CA

66. Kumihimo Braiding. Mary Heumann from Chelsea, MI

67. Knotless webbing. Sadelle Wiltshire from Putney, Vermont

68. Tapestry necklace weaving. Sadelle Wiltshire from Putney, VT

69. Bow Strings for light longbows. Anthony Panneton from Fresno, OH

70. Braided zipper pulls. Janet Switzer from Beulah CO

71. Making Espadrilles. M. Boulerice from Toronto Canada

72. Improvised Compass (thread & pencil). D.S. Cary, NC

73. Rug Braiding. Susan Gleiner from Stowe, VT

74. Shoelaces. Yoshi M. Berkeley, CA

75. Tropical Palm Skin Baskets. Ann Revels. Titusville, FL 

76. Antique Auto Wire Harness. Jim Pohl, San Franscico, CA

77. Plant hangers. Danielle Kennedy, Aurora, MO

78. Repairing tears in hand woven rugs. Lori Gonzalez, San Antonio, TX

79. Repairing dog chew toys. Kris Martzall, Arkon, PA

80. Decorative braided knife/sword handles (great tack!). Wayne Richards, Los Lunas, NM