Candy Cane Waxed Cord


This seasonal candy cane inspired twisted thread is perfect for all of your festive, holiday projects. Available during the months of November and December each year.

70 yards per tube.

Candy Cane (Scarlet and White twist) 

Only available is size .040"


Size Guide

Thickness (1/1,000”)

Thickness (mm)

Break Strength



14 lbs.



30 lbs.



43 lbs.



49 lbs.



64 lbs.



78 lbs.


All photos were taken in natural light. Appearance of color may vary slightly under different light, and on various computer monitors. Color can also vary depending on the thickness of thread. If you’d like to see our colors first-hand, email to request a complimentary color/size card.


Many crafters use harness needles when sewing with waxed cord. Harness needles have a rounded point and are often used for hand-stitching leather. We recommend the following pairings for needle and thread

.020” - Size 3

.030” - Size 2

.035” - Size 1

.040” - Size 0

.045” - Size 00

.050” - Size 000